Hannes, Austria

I am from Austria and live near to the Italian Border, just twenty minutes away. I am 19 years old so I only know the situation that both countries are part of the European Union and have the Euro as a currency. So I never experienced border controls or that I have to change money at the Austrian-Italian border. For me it is normal to go to Italy for dinner with my friends and I don’t have to worry about anything. That’s the way it should work in whole of Europe.

Currently I am part of the European Solidarity Corps and living in Warsaw. My tasks includes making workshops at schools and inform the students about European topics. Afterwards I discuss with them about the topics. There I realised the see the European Union in a completely different way. They are not that aware of the advantages of the European Union.

For me personally the main idea of the European Union is outstanding and every citizens should be happy about it. The chance to live and work wherever you want is simply amazing, and also the fact that inside the European Union is peace is incredible. I think this facts are often forgotten. But I have to admit that the political institutions of the European Union are way to complex and hard to understand what exactly their tasks are.



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